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    2/20/2024 By Joy Lynn Clark After all of these years, I finally found myself in a state of peace. I looked around my place and I started “fall cleaning”. I got rid of a lot of non-essential items around my apartment. Everything looks nice and neat. I take a deep breath and pour a glass of champagne left over from the crate that I ordered last holiday. Next, I pour the bubbly into one of the crystal glasses that I had inherited from my stepmother’s passing. Well, I really am alone now. I need to make some plans. Since it was just a few months ago that I had my…

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    Getting Schooled About Education

    02/14/2024 By Joy Lynn Clark The year 2020 was one of the worst years of my life emotionally but was still full of hope and promise. As most families around the world, we were in our apartment due to quarantine. Like most families, we also decided to go back to homeschooling. Our school district rolled out a plan to educate the kids with a, “virtual” plan.  On the other hand, since we had homeschooled in the past, we decided to just go back to how we used to study. As usual, we got a gym membership to do Physical Education (and get some exercise).  I also tried a website that…

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    By Joy Lynn Clark May 29th 2022, Eventually, my stepbrother retires (or finishes his tour) from the United States Air Force and comes home to be an ordinary civilian, lol. He starts a job somewhere and I am still in the city working on my dream career. My stepmom called me a couple of times to insist that I visit but,  I was just too busy. At one point, I worked for a local entrepreneur who is just starting a cell phone shop but, in the other part of the building housed  a graphic design firm where I got my first graphics gig. It didn’t pay much and I had just gone…

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    Rain on the river

    Rain On The River-By Joy Lynn Clark, Flood, Tornado, Car, Oppression Quotes 2 , TTYL, Sunday Bullshit, Seasons, Nega-Mi, Collision glass. Lawyer, streaming site class action. J To Z Media LLC 501(C)(3), Kentucky USA North America.

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    Time For A Whoopin, April 29, Degrees (Dazee Dizzle)

    By Joy Lynn Clark I made this mix of Time For A Whoopin, April 29, and Degrees  some years ago.  This was when I was playing around with the Weeknd’s kit.  It was cool. Also, April 29 ended up on a mix show of house music where they said it was by David Guetta, it wasn’t. Another major influence is Busta Rhymes. Time For a Whoopin Things to learn and there’s things that you wanna earn Can’t no one love you like me Wanna see you eat, want you to have a seat When it’s cold you should have some heat If The bases ain’t covered they probably ain’t your…

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    2019 Year In Review (Nope don’t need to wait a month)

    The end of 2018 was so crappy that I didn't even bother doing a year in review. It is one solid year later and I am still feeling the repercussions. I probably failed to mention this all year but, my studio in Louisville was robbed in fall of 2018. At the time, I was mad that I lost some things but, it did not seem as if the damage was too extensive.

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    July Playlist

    7/17/2023 By Joy Lynn Clark I’ve been working on all of this new stuff and a lot of it’s halfway done so I decided to make a playlist of more finished work. Enjoy.

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    Stupid 9/20 Update

    By Joy Lynn Clark 6/15/2023 I’ve been working on this one for the past couple of weeks. I thought about calling this song, “Users” but I don’t like to be used. 6/25/23- I Almost forgot to mention, that I recorded this in my apartment. My home studio receives signals from a nearby airport, the bus stop, and a police station. The signal interference is massive however, all of the voices in the song are in fact mine. Those frequencies affect my DAW (Digital audio workstation). I also was super self-conscious about my hair so I decided on this look with my natural color. As far as the song, I shortened…