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    The Influence

    By Joy Lynn Clark April 20, 2021 Over the last 15 years, media has come along way. Advances and the Internet, and wireless communications allow us to enjoy music, movies, television, literature, art, and games–About anything at anytime that we choose. Writers, artists, scientist, students – anyone really can publish media nowadays. With all of this knowledge and entertainment streaming through the airwaves, we are all influenced. We are personalities with profiles that people around the world can access at any time. I speak to the world through the Internet. My words can be translated for all to comprehend. Therefore, I am an influencer. On the other hand, I can…

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    Bad Days

    3/17/2021 By Joy Lynn Clark Here’s a little statistic from the ADAA.org website: Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US., Affecting over 40 million adults in the United States Age 18 and older. I never talk about the bad days and lately Affecting over 40 million adults in the United States H 18 and overthere’s been plenty. I haven’t experienced mania much but, there’s been plenty of depression. Fear I fight really hard to put one foot in front of the other and stay, “stable”. However, the pain has been so deep. Also, I know that I need to talk things through with a professional but…

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    Burr Oak: On the Colored Side

    By Joy Lynn Clark 3/12/2021 Published on: Oct 9, 2017 @ 05:03By Joy Lynn Clark (this story has been edited from the original) 10/12/2017 I have four ancestors buried at Burr Oak Cemetery on the famous Colored Side.  Mother Mamie Roberts, Bishop William Matthew Roberts (CME ), Mamie Thompson and George Thompson I.  My ancestor Bishop William Matthew Roberts started Chicago’s Original Roberts Temple. Bishop William Matthew Roberts has an honorary street on Chicago’s Southside (crossing 42nd Street west of Vincennes).   The Historic church was much farther East (near Drexel) and was demolished in the mid-1990’s. I am no blood relation to the founders of the New Roberts Temple CME located…

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    The US EEOC Pledge

    By Joy Lynn Clark 3/11/2021 I was not the person who came up with the EEOC pledge nor do I have any employees. However, it’s pretty good and it goes along with my personal views also. Here goes: Daisy Friday will not discriminate based on race, color, gender, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

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    Special / Foes in progress

    By Joy Lynn Clark 3/4/2021 Boy is my life regular. I am no movie or radio star. Is This fame, “hell naw”. OK so I’m not really famous. So to all of my future Internet celebrities. Consider that you might be popular enough to have millions of followers, lots of likes, and they may even say your name a lot. You might even have to go out of your way to protect your privacy. Just last year, I still had my profile on the dating site. Why does this no longer work? I can still get on different sites Game, and be social but boy have things changed. I had…

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