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    The US EEOC Pledge

    By Joy Lynn Clark 3/11/2021 I was not the person who came up with the EEOC pledge nor do I have any employees. However, it’s pretty good and it goes along with my personal views also. Here goes: Daisy Friday will not discriminate based on race, color, gender, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

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    Monday Night Football

    9/18/2019 By Joy Lynn Clark Sometimes I follow sports, sometimes I don’t.  Usually, when I get started I have to keep watching just to know whats going on.  Monday Night, I watched Monday Night Football on ESPN at the local pub.  Had several drinks with my guy friend and ate a burger or two with no bun.  At the start of ESPN’s presentation, Joe Namath was blinging so hard.  Furs, rings, house, cars . . . The biggest baller of them all, I think. Yes, this is super important to me!  I pay close attention to what these guys are wearing.  Especially those uniforms.  Early in the season this is…

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    BLURRED LINES: Bringing Focus to the 9th Circuit’s Copyright Decision In Williams v. Gaye

    reprinted from  On March 21, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued its decision in the highly publicized copyright suit, Pharrell Williams, et. al., v. Frankie Christian Gaye, et. al, No. 15-56880 (Slip Op.; Dkt. 93-1) (Mar. 21, 2018  9th Cir.) (“Williams”).  Given the lower court’s controversial holding in favor of the copyright holders, many expected the Ninth Circuit, a highly influential court on copyright matters, to take the opportunity to address some of the important substantive questions raised by this case, providing guidance to the lower courts regarding the scope of copyright protection properly afforded to such musical works.  More specifically, many legal practitioners and industry…

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    Sexual Freedom In The New World : A Response To Lavrin and El Saffar    

    When I was in college I took a Latin American Women Writers course.  As I have mentioned in past posts, I got heated.  In so many ways I could identify with thesewriters.  I am going to give my Latin Studies professor a break (lol) and publish some of these papers.  This particular paper was my response to, “Rapture Encaged, The Supression of the Feminine in Western Culture” (Routledge, London and New York) by Ruth Anthony El Saffar. The other reading was, “International Feminisms: Latin American Alternatives” (Blackwell Publishers Ltd.)  by Asuncion Lavrin. 10/30/2017  After reading the two histories by Lavrin and El Saffar I immediately notice that sex is a central theme between the two histories. …

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    Late Bloomer / Stuck In The Paper

      11/14/2016 I saw this rose today at Palmisano park. ​​Stuck In The Paper Stuck through it all Though I’m gonna fall Wishing I could catch myself Seems like the choices I pick Just keep on making me sick Everything seems bad for my health What the hell is wrong with me? Should I chalk it up to being crazy? I want everything but I just missed the plane And no one knows even if I explain Up a creek without a paddle Got no horse but I got a saddle Everywhere and you just can’t see me And someone else might just be me Its complicated and all related…

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