Looking for a contract

By Joy Lynn Clark

August 18, 2022

Tez eventually caught some misdemeanor in another state. I didn’t know much about his status. What I did know was that he was locked up a short period of time followed by house arrest. Although I tried to sound positive when I heard the news, I figured that we were pretty much done for the moment. I was pissed because this project was underway.

In the meantime, Shystie and I were pretty much on our own. I was doing the nightclub promo but it didn’t pay much. So I looked for work again. I need a day job! I was willing to just do just about anything because it seemed like my rap group was falling apart, I decided to give up our place and move back into the building with the family. This time, in the basement with my mom and sister. My mom and sister were there because they had a disaster at her house and mom is waiting to finish the work. I sent out my résumé a lot and went out at night. Eventually mom finished the work on her house and she decided to go back home. Grandma Allowed my sister and I to stay as long as we pay the rent. “Miss Joy, you need a regular job with a steady paycheck, and no smoking.” Both my sister and I went out regularly to smoke cigarettes but on occasion and we did sneak a smoke inside.

I quickly got a job at a furniture store for the holiday season. The store wasn’t bad but the job ended just after the new year and I had to send out my résumé once again. My next job is at a restaurant. I worked regularly as a waitress and I did the night club promo also.

At the night club, I was sent to do an after party for an arena show. I met their peeps and they invited me to visit the next city. They picked me up from my restaurant job in the tour bus and off we went. I giggled at the looks on my coworkers faces.

The next city was cool and I got the chance to give them my CD. I felt special as we ate lobster and steak at a nice chophouse. I told everyone about my music. I boarded the train and eventually returned home really psyched that I had made some good connections and I might get my shot soon. I lost my job but, it was totally worth it.

Grandma was going in, “you need to get a job young lady”. My sister and her best friend were planning on moving to New York.

Just before Tez pulled his disappearing act, we had just visited New York. We had drinks with an old friend of mine from high school who now worked in advertising. We visited a jazz club in Harlem and then a cool bar downtown. “I’ve got to work in the morning” my friend says. “So where do we go?” I asked. She mentions a nice club nearby and a hip hop spot that’s ghetto. My friend has strived her whole life to be bougie so we both knew that the ghetto club is where we wanna go. I freestyled New World order and Tez met some girls.

After I reminisced about my trip to New York I really impressed upon my sister and her best friend that the cost of living is really high there. However, they were all in and saving their butts off.

At the same time, I met with another friend from high school and we went clubbing. I was broken hearted about my crew and he cheered me up.

I finally got a contract for a private school which is part of a nonprofit group that I had a different contract with in the past. I was so glad that my contract is a few months out.

“Young lady! You have to get a job!“ Grandpa says. “I have a contract but it doesn’t start for a few months.” I replied. “You two must go because I also said that you cannot smoke.” sighs grandpa.

Around the same time, my cousin outgrew her theater gig and the three of us make a few songs in the basement. I make a cool mix of my original music with the ladies. The mix had my sisters duo, my cousin, My step niece, And I also remixed and old song with Shystie. It also contains some new music of mine and some raw tracks.

Our getting kicked out date is approaching and grandma and grandpa have had enough. I was sure that I was going to be sleeping on a park bench but my W-2 came in the mail and I ran to the nearest tax place and got my refund. The next day I checked into a hotel. My contract starts soon.

My sister and her friend fly off to find their dreams in New York and Tez finally comes back. Tez recommended that I try and get some work from a local agent. She hires me on the spot and I get some business cards and a desk. Now I am “agent Friday” lol.

The owner of this agency admitted to me that her biggest clients were child performers but, she had tons of comp cards from adults. I went through those. I figured that these girls are probably needing work as bad as I did. So I decided to produce a runway show so that they can gain some experience. Luckily for me, we got sponsorship from a graffiti gallery and a stage and lighting company. I also enlisted some local fashion designers.

Eventually, my contract with the school starts and I got a chance to take the students on all sorts of outings. I helped the girls prepare for prom and we took a college tour to visit some universities. We also took the kids to, “Grammy In The Schools”. My boss asked them for autographs and I begged her for them later.

My boss at the agency gives me a call to go through those comp cards for a Twista and Jamie Foxx video. I chose the girls from the agency and, I couldn’t take my eyes off of one of the students at the school. She was perfect. I met with her dad and they do the video too. This girl is a military kid and speaks fluent Russian. I also got to fly down to Orlando and judge a talent competition. Tez came along on his own dime.

Eventually, I got enough checks to get another apartment and I am so glad. I had all of my equipment at my cousin’s apartment and I went over there for it. Her wanna be producer boyfriend is ratchet and he stole my microphone stand. Nonetheless, I was relieved to have my music equipment in a proper apartment. Tez and I collaborate some more and, I do another song for my step niece. The school did not renew my contract for the next year. Then, Tez disappears again.

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, vocalist, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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