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A day in the life. I decided to keep a multimedia journal. It is comprised of my stories, poetry, photography, and original music.

April 27, 2020 Off

Dumb Dumbs

By Joy Clark

4/27/2020 By Joy Lynn Clark I first performed Material is All Around as Dazee Dizzle. The lyrics were hot, loved…

March 30, 2020 Off

Early Signs

By Joy Clark

This time, my stepmom is making Gumbo. On the one hand, I felt bad because I know that she is making a masterpiece and is spending all day to make sure that it is perfect. On the other hand, I am pissed because I can’t have shit.

January 2, 2020 Off


By Joy Clark

By Joy Lynn Clark 1/2/2020 I started getting sick my freshman year of high school. I had some ups and…

December 7, 2019 Off

Lentils Bolognese

By Joy Clark

12/5/2019 By Joy Lynn Clark I came up with this out of hunger and people want to make it. I…