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A day in the life. I decided to keep a multimedia journal. It is comprised of my stories, poetry, photography, and original music.

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By Joy Clark

By Joy Lynn Clark 1/2/2020 I started getting sick my freshman year of high school. I had some ups and…

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Lentils Bolognese

By Joy Clark

12/5/2019 By Joy Lynn Clark I came up with this out of hunger and people want to make it. I…

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2019 Black Friday Year In Review (Nope don’t need to wait a month)

By Joy Clark

The end of 2018 was so crappy that I didn’t even bother doing a year in review. It is one solid year later and I am still feeling the repercussions. I probably failed to mention this all year but, my studio in Louisville was robbed in fall of 2018. At the time, I was mad that I lost some things but, it did not seem as if the damage was too extensive.