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    Prostitute (updated)

    By Joy Lynn Clark 1/31/2023 Although I made this song in the spring and summer of 2018, it never was on an album. Here is the new artwork it will be on As Above and So Below.

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    Safer Sex

    By Joy Lynn Clark 1/26/2023 I came up during the, “safe sex” era.  “Wear a condom” and, “stop the spread of HIV/AIDS”.  Unprotected sex freaks me out.  I am a single mother and I have been burnt before.  Ever since, I have vowed to never go through that kind of stress again.  The times that I did go raw dog and it didn’t work out, I worried all year long as I returned to the clinic for my pregnancy test and then HIV test.  Then six to eight months later I return for another HIV test just to be sure.  I got lucky this time. Sex is safer now then it ever has been.  However, condoms cannot stop…

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    By Joy Lynn Clark 1/26/2023 I have attempted to put lyrics to this song for years. I have put vocals on this track over and over again. This is the deconstructed version.. Period.

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    Till (movie)

    By Joy Lynn Clark 1/23/23 I just streamed the movie “Till “ based on he true lynching of Emmett Till. Since I know lots on the subject, I thought that the movie was great. My only nip pick is about the movie taking place during the Civil Rights era and I thought that it was just before. Either way, this was an excellent movie.

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    A Cute House

    1/19/2023 By Joy Lynn Clark I realized that I really did look sick on my last post so, here is A Cute House with the artwork updated and my new logo that I came up with. (Since I decided on this new logo I am going to have to fix all of the artwork that I already did for this new record so I will post for new artwork and logos often). Also, I was going to change from Dazee Dizzle to Joy Lynn (which is my government name) but then I started getting my royalties for Dazee Dizzle so I have to change all of the Joy Lynn songs…