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    The Cyst

    By Joy Lynn Clark 9/8/2020 I have had 3 cysts in my lifetime. A cyst is like a large blemish that grows over time. The first cyst I had was on the back of my neck. My stepmom kept swearing that I had a , “goiter “. It sounded gross but the thing was fairly small and I had hoped that it would just clear up. The thing got bigger and bigger. It looked to be filled with pus and I asked my stepmom if I should just pop it. She urged me to contact a dermatologist because it might leave a scar. On the day I was to head…

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    By Joy Lynn Clark 8/21/2020 Denominations My man need some denominations Let’s have sex in a boat Tied to the dock with a rope Or we can set sail and take a cruise Or we can fuck in the sun and check out the views And watch you count them denominations And we could probably stay out And I might just jump off and float around I’m just a drop in the lake You can give and I’ll take For now anyway Because I’ll be giving it up Turn the moon in to day It’s just a second away Now put that thing in my face Glad we have them…

  • Love

    Breaking My Heart

    By Joy Lynn Clark 8/20/2020 Several years ago I went to lunch with a few friends. It was nice catching up with them. I shot the shit with them and let them all know about my pending Internet release of one of my albums. One of them was my girl from way back, the other two guys I didn’t know quite as well but I did remember them. One of the guys wanted to holler, and we exchanged numbers. After that, we talked on the phone a bit but he told me that he was in the military and then he was soon to ship out. I never saw the…

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    God Et. Al Never U Ever

    By Joy Lynn Clark 8/17/2020 I have been working on my latest song. Just for fun. Since I decided to speak about the things that I like to do religiously I wonder, is it appropriate to declare that I am non-religious? Also, should the new byline be titled: God et al never u ever? I just don’t have any faith in god anymore. The closest I get to Jesus and Mary is a Prostitute. As an Indigenous American I have looked at our history: displacement and colonization. I get into the moral norms that many religions seem to offer. They do sound appealing. Do not steal, but you stole our…

  • Music

    Dumb Dumbs

    By Joy Lynn Clark 8/13/2020 I made This song some months ago in quarantine. I was set up in my laundry room and it sucked. Nevertheless, it came out all right. I decided that I wanted to rock just a little bit harder, so here’s the new one.

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