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    Digitizing Records

    By Joy Lynn Clark 05/24/2024 While in between contracts mom introduces me to one of her friends in radio. He asked me all about my education and I mention all of my skillsets; especially audio. Her friend hires me to make cd copies of his vinyl. I take on the task and hook up mom’s old record player to my computer. The second I start ripping the first album, it becomes clear that I am going to have to mix and master this too. Her friend hadn’t offered me that much money. On top of that he brought me like, 10 records. I really wanted to impress this guy but…

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    By Joy Lynn Clark 04/30/2024 What a glorious day for accessibility! Echo is completely acted out in sign language and subtitled. What for the mouth talkers like myself, I loved it! I never minded the reading, and the emotions of the actors can be seen and felt.

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    Demon Slayer

    04/30/2024 By Joy Lynn Clark A boy goes on a quest with his sister. I am not telling any more because this is an anime that you’ll love.

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    Death Valley Days

    By Joy Lynn Clark 04/30/2024 Even though my parents and even grandparents remember this show, it was a first for me. I love this series and once I got into the different stories I didn’t mind the black and white.

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    Cheap Irish Homes

    04/30/2024 By Joy Lynn Clark This is the first time that Ive ever seen anything about real estate from Ireland. The homes truly were a great price and I wonder how recent is this?