• Early Music

    The BJ Song

    By Joy Lynn Clark 10/25/2019 Nearing the end of college (the second time, this time for production) I made a nasty little song as Friday with Tez E. Bare. Can I play it for the folks? Hell no! What would they think of their nice little girl? Sometime between 2001 or 2002, It was hit amongst my friends. It was funny when I made it. I was thinking to myself, “this would be the song that everyone likes . . . “. I used a couple of seconds of a jazz song, looped it, and changed some notes. However, I played some notes too. What do I do about the…

  • Early Music

    Miami 2001

    09/08/2016 It was 2001.  I was in college, producing audio, and doing freelance street promo for various nightclubs, ad agencies, and marketing companies.  My partner was like, “Let’s go to Miami for the Electronic Music Festival”.  I am like, “I gotta make an album”.  That year we checked out Crobar in Miami and we also helped promote a night at Ibiza. In addition to all of the flyers I handed out, I also gave away 3 albums: Bang My Sh!t, (my house record), The Friday Knight record (which was actually my rap record which also featured Tez E. Bare and Ms. Shyste Shy)  and the Thoroughbreds (Bump J and Sly…

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