Category: Early Music

These pages highlight my old music. A lot of this music I either performed or gave away as a promotional product, or both. I produced most of this work while I was in college and, the couple of years before and after. I also
traveled to the following cities while in college.

I have recorded in Atlanta, Louisville, Lexington, and Chicago.

I have performed in New York and Chicago.

I have personally given away promotional product (mainly, my music on CD) in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Miami, New Orleans, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

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By Joy Clark

A million years ago I made this song with Shawnee aka Ms. Shyste Shy.  Although she had a stagename folks…

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The BJ Song

By Joy Clark

By Joy Lynn Clark 10/25/2019 Nearing the end of college (the second time, this time for production) I made a…

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Miami 2001

By Joy Clark

09/08/2016 It was 2001.  I was in college, producing audio, and doing freelance street promo for various nightclubs, ad agencies,…