Dont Turn Me Off / In progress

By Joy Lynn Clark

Don’t turn me off

So you can get quiet

wanna make some noise

Don’t turn me off

we can get down down

Don’t turn me off

wanna make some noise


Wanna give me babies

But this is new

Let you so your seed

Just to get with you

Let me let you know

That I’m a prostitute

Gotta Have DOUGH

For me to mess with you

And you want this thing

well I know that’s true

Gotta be big

For me to get with you

And I’m really not a ho

I’m just messing with you

Got to call my Fam

There’s so much to do


So let’s get married

You can seed it up

But Imma need that ring

Before you beat it up

Ain’t got condoms

For my husband to be

Get this thing for life

Just for getting with me

Yes this is new

But I’m so in love

Just hit me right now

From God above

And we can leave this room

And go to my crib

Get your stuff

Because you’re moving in


And I’ll be so glad

When my period is late

Going to have your baby

And I’m feeling great

And I know you can afford to

Buy us a house

Because you got that thing

I can’t be without

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, vocalist, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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