Special / Foes in progress

By Joy Lynn Clark


Boy is my life regular. I am no movie or radio star. Is This fame, “hell naw”. OK so I’m not really famous.

So to all of my future Internet celebrities. Consider that you might be popular enough to have millions of followers, lots of likes, and they may even say your name a lot. You might even have to go out of your way to protect your privacy.

Just last year, I still had my profile on the dating site. Why does this no longer work? I can still get on different sites Game, and be social but boy have things changed.

I had screen names galore. As a writer however, my work never had any protection because of it. Just then Facebook started and, we were all so shocked that we were going to use our real names, I too had to have my real name on my writing for copyright reasons.

A few years ago when my music and my side started taking off I thought I was a victim of some sort of broadcast interference.

On one side, I am so glad to have people checking out my work. On the other hand, it is surprising that I never have achieved any financial success. I had identity theft before I even knew that I had an identity worth taking.

The younger kids In the family are on the same path. Future “Internet celebrities”. My hope is that someone will see their well-made digital media and give them a shot. Especially, Leslie. Love you cousin good luck with your life. I hope that you link me to your site someday.


Joy Lynn Clark

P.S. here is my rachitt little song that I wrote in my kitchen drinking. I Was seriously trying not to write a song but I felt so ratchet. I thought my neighbor sunny and her friend destiny heard me singing it so I have had so much trouble recording it in the house and I wanted to invite them over which is probably why the sessions went bad so this is one crappy copy but I guess we can call this version one. Version 2 3/28

So I’ve got this little bars that need some work

So how you be getting all these fox with youTake my folks they say Shawnee sioux Help them all out when it’s all in lieu midwest still say Kickapoo

snapping on me let me chip a cat All native not Latin black, you be you and I’m cool in fact we could just talk instead of that, Is my race wrong would you hold me back? Listen girlfriend you better off as Zach.

And I really don’t know what they do to y’all act like a psychic and stead of call, rather visit LA in the fall, let’s walk around the Chi but just the mall. I’m nearby that’s why I called.

The weather is much better down in KY if you know these fools why you get with mine? Cutting off my nails let’s see you shine. Could have beef but chicken’s fine. Don’t even know if there’s wheat mixed in this wine.

Smoking cigarettes cause of your secrets what can you take, smoke no regrets. What you got good nothing I bet. You need some tracks they not hard to get. How you produce aint never seen a set? Say my name and get a tribe to get.

Because its Nacho cheese Shawnee please, now you having Sac? Ask my dad don’t even know your chief. I take your Shorty but he’s babysat. And now I’m on gift cards just cause of that.

Is these some foes I don’t know can’t smoke no more unless it’s dro. Bounce me low res But I’m a pro, Just do it all over cause I don’t know

Foes explicit by Joy Lynn

How stupid you is

you burn a lot of gas

You didn’t check first

You should’ve asked

Riding for

Riding for nothing

Dumb ass you need to stop for gas

Who the heck is this foe

Say I should know him?

You might be cool with dude

But I don’t owe him

I might be stupid

But I’m not that dumb

That’s not your best friend

That is the wrong one

Riding for

Riding for nothing

Stupid you just can’t be the same one

Act like you folks and call up my father

Listen to you say that’s my son

Like it’s you I should pay because you know my Fam

At it every day so send him away

Who the heck is this foe?

Say I should know him?

You might be cool with dude

But I don’t owe him

All in my records

Who can we tell

Now I can’t have shit

You go to hell

say who Can get paid

And who they’ll give it to

And grab my kids records

And say that he lives with you

Who the heck is this foe?

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, vocalist, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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