July 10, 2020

Daisy Friday

a multimedia journal

Lentils Bolognese


By Joy Lynn Clark

I came up with this out of hunger and people want to make it. I hope they do. I posted the walkthrough yesterday but somebody somewhere felt it should be theirs. Here are some pics and a more relevant story.

I had some lentils, a can of pork, and a couple of burger patties when I thought to make this but after I opened the pork I decided to make it vegetarian because the pork did not have a date.

The can read EST 1701 8:54 (or some time) APAA099 and some other stuff none of which resembles a date. I would like to know more about what these numbers mean.

Much of this food I got from God’s Pantry food bank. I am a low-income celiac so, I served this on a bed of rice with a side of Spinach.

This can be made vegan but I added parm and a cheese biscuit.
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