August 14, 2020

Daisy Friday

a multimedia journal

Evony: (Strategy, RPG) Another Look


By Joy Lynn Clark

It is sometime between 2008-2011 and I see a banner while surfing, “Evony”. I am game, let’s give it a try. Evony is a kingdom building game centered around city creation, getting resources and conquering other cities. As this game is completely online, there is also pvp. I discover that a buddy of mine is already playing and is quite helpful. I start building, join a pretty good alliance and, we have fun.

2011 or 2012 Evony rolls out an app. I am thinking I am gonna jump on whichever server I want to play on and have my kingdom in all of its glory. Well sort of, but this app has added some new things. In the app we can also increase our rulers stats with jewels and gear etc. This is pretty cool but I am not liking losing some of the games’ functions that I had with the browser based game.

I eventually move on to something else.

It’s 2019 and I just got a new phone. There’s that familiar old banner again, “download Evony” this time, Its the Kings Return. What the heck, let’s build again. I am new and I am on a young server. There’s plenty of the old reasons why I liked Evony in the first place and a new one – more cultures. I am doing some things differently this time and looking forward to some of the old stuff and the new stuff.

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