I’m Gone (Repeal and Remove The Homeland Security Act)


By Joy Lynn Clark

When I was camping the last time, I had to share a tent with my child. Hated it! He tracked dirt and bugs inside everytime. We found a solution eventually. I wrote a song about it.

I composed I’m Gone (Sun Gone) nearly a year ago when camping on Bull Mountain in Georgia. Truthfully, I made it up on the spot whilst singing in a drum circle. It was taken with radio or a police scanner right from the airwaves. I knew this, and waited some time to create the sound recording.

Just a week ago I decided to create the sound recording of I’m Gone (Sun Gone). While in production, it was taken again by another radio scanner. I could actually hear it being played in the airwaves and I hadn’t even published it yet.

Turns out, when audio is taken with a scanner, it actually loses the whole frequency that the scanner took. I attempted to master it to no avail.

In addition, I have no idea how the people or individuals ended up broadcasting it. In addition, since it was broadcast I must publish it or some rich bigwig can take it a make a bunch of money. What an embarrassment for me as producer/engineer, it sounds like it was recorded in a tin can. I can tell you one thing, this is theft of intellectual property, and privacy. What gives them the right? I began publishing music online just to avoid this. Yet some fools still feel the need to do it.

This has happened more than once. I submit, Sorry For The Kids, and Speaking in Tongues just to name a few. I have a cause, remove and repeal the Homeland Security Act.

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, vocalist, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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