God Et. Al Never U Ever

By Joy Lynn Clark


I have been working on my latest song. Just for fun. Since I decided to speak about the things that I like to do religiously I wonder, is it appropriate to declare that I am non-religious? Also, should the new byline be titled: God et al never u ever? I just don’t have any faith in god anymore. The closest I get to Jesus and Mary is a Prostitute.

As an Indigenous American I have looked at our history: displacement and colonization. I get into the moral norms that many religions seem to offer. They do sound appealing. Do not steal, but you stole our land etc etc. I am starving and look to your charity for food (Which you claim is for all but me) but you wouldn’t answer the phone for me. I have tried over the years to learn the word and and attempt to see what it is that so many of my friends and family see. I want to fellowship with them in these things. I have never gotten anything but abuse from these folks. God Et al never u ever.

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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