Found: The Paw Paw Tree

Found: The Paw Paw Tree

I recommend that you read my last post titled “Wild Onions” if you haven’t already.

I have done my family tree many times but, the last time I did it, Paw Paw came up.  I made it my personal mission to find out what a Paw Paw is.  It is a tree that is indigenous to the area where my people are from.

I began talking with a  Mama at Manistee and she told me she saw one in Paw Paw.  I said, I have to make it my personal mission to find the Paw Paw Tree.  Who goes to Paw Paw and doesn’t even know about the Paw Paw Tree?  I am no genius but I refuse to be the village idiot.

I looked at many sources, (to help with identification) some gave correct facts but many had incorrect ones.  I found actual photos and pics of papayas.

So I said to myself, “ it will probably be the fruit I have never seen before.”

When we got to Paw Paw Z and I decided to take a walk up the road to find the Paw Paw tree. We walked up the road for 5 minutes and there it was: right next the blackberry and pear trees.  I used process of elimination.

Z and I also took some samples to see what it tastes like.  I am pretty sure they were not ripe but the flavor was like a combination of a pear and a green apple.  It was really sour.

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