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Speaking In Tongues by Dazee Dizzle

I briefly pondered the idea of possession and I thought I would do a tiny bit of looking into the subject.  First, I watched a program on possession.

The program highlighted posession as expressed by faith healers, voodoo preists, and demonic posession.  When you watch it on video its hard to tell.  Are they making it up? Is this for real?

When the video got to the part of the voodoo priests, the narrator said, “even in voodoo, the priests may get possessed, and might have to fight off the evil spirit”.  I said ha, she’s speaking in tongues.

The video never mentioned it but, I have seen it.  I thought she was filled with the Holy Ghost.

I decided to look up Speaking in Tongues.  I have run across it in the bible but, I don’t exactly remember which verse.  I decided to use some online resources.  Both of the resources gave me Acts 2:1-4 NIV and I Corinthians 12 NIV.

Acts 2:1-4 mentions how the holy spirit visited the pentecost like, “tongues of fire . . . all of them were filled with the holy spirit”.  This is exactly how I have seen speaking in tongues at church.  I too have been moved and overcome with emotion.

Spiritually, it a place that is very hard to reach.  I used to get there regularly but, with so many distractions it is no longer easy to achieve mentally.  I am enlightened by the word but, now it must be vocalized.

If the message is in the word and the word must be vocalized then I have no choice.

According to 1 Corinthians 12 NIV Speaking in tongues is one of several spiritual gifts.

1.The message of wisdom

2.The message of knowledge


4.Gifts of healing

5.Miraculous powers


7.Distinguishing between spirits

8.Speaking in different kinds of tongues

9.The interpretation of tongues

According to the Bible all of these are of the same spirit as there is one body with many parts.  As there is a head, it is one part of the same body.


Joy Clark is a writer, producer, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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