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Roy G. Biv – Oppression Quotes 2

In the suburbs where my folks live they were both given notice.  My mother was sent a letter from her village saying that her, “refrigerator is condemned” and that she needs to replace it by a certain date.  My father was sent a similar letter but, it was a lot less threatening and homeowners should, “consider” replacing their outdated refrigerators.  I  never saw these letters but I would estimate that this was around 2011 or 2012.  I wrote this letter in 2016.  I am a renter and I would have never known if any such notice was given if it wasn’t for my parents.  The only notice given in my city was to the homeowners.

Attn: Federal Communications Commission

Enforcement Bureau

Spectrum Enforcement Division

445 12Th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20554

To whom It May Concern:

*Broadcast and Telecommunications Interference Complaint*

I am writing to log a complaint for broadcast and telecommunications interference in the Greater Chicago Area.

In 2008, I got cable service and wifi in my apartment when I began to hear the audio from many of the cable networks through various electronics including  (air conditioning, fans, microwave, and different television shows including the one I am currently watching).  I thought I was going crazy and got rid of the cable.

In 2009, I got a cell phone.  My phone was ok while I was still on the prepaid plan and I had a simbian phone.  However, I wanted a new phone in 2011 and I took a contract.  I connected my new smartphone with social media.  I began to get interference from the  contacts in my phonebook (my new phone allows people to upload their contacts to the cloud).  I thought I was going crazy and got rid of the phone and the social media.

                 I ended up losing my apartment and moving in with my parents due to my mental illness.  This is right around the time that my parents must have been receiving letters about their refrigerators.  I moved in with my dad it was ok. However, my mother offered to let me rent her house.  We moved there the next month.

My mom was working in Abu Dhabi as an educator.  On her next visit home, she offers to rent her house to me.  I gladly accept.  Unfortunately, she turns around in the airport.  She decides not to go back to work overseas.  Therefore we are one happy family at moms house and I am listening to her refrigerator.  It is constanly in repair and she is always replacing parts.
I can not deal and I move in with my dad and stepmom.

I lived with my parents in the suburbs and heard the broadcast and telecommunications interference with their phone and satellite provider.  I could hear my parents while on the phone and watching tv without listening on the other end or watching the same show.  I was usually on the wifi.  I thought I was going crazy and I stopped watching the cable and I stayed in my room.

Both of my parents have been diagnosed with cancer.  However, they are both currently in remission.

In 2012 I got wifi in my apartment.  I was still experiencing the broadcast and telecom interference but I just couldn’t live without wifi.

I hear people on the bus  when I swipe my bus card.  I get radio interference when I am even near the buses.

I believe that many of these broadcast and telecommunications companies are not broadcasting at safe frequencies.  Furthermore, they are interfering with one another by not being precise and exact about which frequency they are broadcasting at.

Here in Chicago, it is miserable.  P.S. I have traveled a little and heard the interference as far east as Ohio.

Since I am a producer, this interference has caused me untold hardships.  Also, I am a musician and a recording artist.  I began hearing my music over the airwaves that I have not released or given to anyone.  The only way this could have been accomplished was with a radio scanner however, then it was broadcasting through the interference.


Joy Clark


It is August 2017 and I go and visit my mother.  I realized that my mother’s house is the only place in the entire Midwest that I am not hearing broadcast interference.  I begin to go on about how I hate my apartment and I need to move.  “I hate my kitchen and the old ass applicances, and my landlord just redid her kitchen”.  My mom is like, “you probably need a new refrigerator, I had to replace mine years ago.”

I go to the s uburbs and visit my dad, they have a brand new shiny stainless steel refrigerator.  I go to another suburb and visit my brother, he and his wife have a brand new shiny stainless steel refrigerator.

I go home and listen closely to my old ass white refrigerator.  There it is, a loud fan just hissing and whirring loudly, and some yapping maybe from the radio waves or the tv waves.  That is it, I unplug the thing, and it all stops – – no loud whirring from the fan and no audio from the television or radio.

I refuse to wait another second.  I go online and order my new refrigerator.  Things are much more peaceful in my place than they were before.  I cringe when I think of all of the hardships that my life and my career have endured over an appliance that I could have replaced years ago.

In my opinion, all residents need to be informed if their appliances need to be replaced.  We need to know if we have to put some pressure on our landlords to make changes to our units.

Everytime I think about Roy G Biv I feel like I have suffered so much due to my ignorance.  Dear mom and Dad, can you please let me know if the city is asking you to do something with your property?  My landlord may not feel that I need to know.  Dear politicians, can you please give a damn about our future and give it to us straight no chaser?  Can you please inform every voter, not just the property owners?

As a mathematician I would like to give you some things to think about.  Power is watts divided by frequency.

All electric appliances are running watts.  Many of our devices are communicating on a frequency.  Are you having a power issue with your devices and appliances?  Replace them if you do.  Upgrade your power if you need to.  It is expensive but you know you need to do it.  Do not spend another miserable year because of a power issue that is causing broadcast interfence inside of your home.

As for us lowly renters, I am doing all that I can.  Do not lose your sanity and peace due to your ignorance.  For more information on Roy G. Biv please visit my previous story,


Joy Clark is a writer, producer, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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