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Pigeon Heater

For The Birds by Dazee Dizzle


Government waste.  I have heard of it but, I really never took much time pondering exactly what it means.  However, as I was leaving downtown exhausted from walking building to building I thought, “I really need another story this month.”

As I entered the second government building after Legal Assistance told me to go and try and do it myself.  I was told no camera.  No sign, no nothing.

I was so worried.  I told the security personnell that I just had to quickly run upstairs (quickly, lol) and drop off some documents.  The security guard stood his ground and politely held my camera.

After a few hours, I finally had my paperwork together and could get going.  I got out of that government building as fast as humanly possible.  I stopped in a restaurant for lunch.

Shyt.  My camera.

I ran back in and got my camera back from the very polite security guard.

As I left the lobby and entered the courtyard,  there it was, a pigeon heater.  What a waste.

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, vocalist, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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