AAchi & SSipak

Anime for Grown-ups : AAchi & SSipak

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By Joy Lynn Clark

I was perusing Crunchyroll when I noticed the cover art.  I always like when I see a stylish peace that looks unlike the rest.  I usually go for the comedy stuff but this one is described as, “post-apocalypitic dystopia”.  Ok, still has my attention.

The opening scene was trippy and bloody all at the same time.  I was like, not your usual anime.  This one is definitely not for kids.  It was pretty cool.  I was jamming along with the alternative and the machine-gun electronic.  Several minutes go by before I even get to the dialogue.  I think I saw another one by these guys. It also reminded me about the hard life that some kids have in the streets.

Omg, this is in English.  I usually head for the hills with anime but this was refreshing.  One guy can only count to seven and the other is only slightly smarter.  Ha! There’s some comedy too.  All in all, I like this one.  It’s  anime in English.  There’s only one episode so far, but I would like to see more.

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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