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Family Tree by Dazee Dizzle


Throughout my life I have made family trees.  I made one in elementary school for a class assignment.  I thought I made a mistake and did not go back any further than my great grandparents.  Years later, I made one after my son was born.  It was still the same result.  My last one, in 2012 I had the benefit of distant relatives, funeral brochures, the internet, and a tome that another relative had put together.

It was a little too informative.  Not to mention, the entire time people were dying and we got new family members with large families attached to them also. 

In the past eight years Daisy Friday has lost eight relatives.

Family Tree

I’ve been making

My family tree

Starting with me

And it has too many leaves

And more sprout

And I figure it out

They keep growing

Cause there’s never a drought

-so let it rain

-and we get some more

-many leaves are gained

-and some fall to the floor

I’ve been remembering

My favorite leaves before they change

The new color is so nice

But I don’t know

Theyre raked up

And now theyre gone

We were all the same

Most of the year long

Now everything is changed

-so let it change

-and some of them blow away

-and it still rains

-but I’m losing what I’ve gained

Its now winter

And the tree is bare

Think about my family

And how they aren’t there

Just like the tree

How it loses all it’s leaves

I hope by next summer

That they come back to me


Joy Clark is a writer, producer, vocalist, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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