Who Knew, and Right on Time, Netflix Original: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo 2019

By Joy Lynn Clark

I imagined my weekend would go differently.  I had figured that I was going to download a new game, stream some video, make a new website, and maybe cuddle up with my new guy.  The most awesome thing worked out, me cuddling with my guy. The rest did not.

It is Monday.  I spent the day running around and, I even complained about my lack of a wifi connection when my mind wandered off to other just as complicated situations.

That’s when I wandered into this show.  (Ok streamings back, game not downloaded, anyways . . . ).  What a wierd but, happy thing.  I love home and garden so I must see more.

So, Marie meets with the Friendly Family.  Take the good with the bad, I guess. Both parents look like rock stars with little ones.   They need to get organized.  They’ve got some beautiful children, like my siblings, and they need to make their living situation match their lifestyle.  Everyone’s got tons of stuff.  I can’t imagine a downsize yet, they need to function better.

Mom considers hiring someone as she trips over baby stuff.  Dad loves the family life and you can tell.  They both are working too hard though.  Marie speaks entirely in Japanese when I wow at the understanding between this family and her.  Both mom and dad are overwhelmed by the amount of work that is necessary to run this house. 

The kids are on 12 and the Marie takes the whole family to find some peace.  I was actually surprised that the little ones calmed down quickly before the real work takes place.

The premise behind Marie’s approach is to keep only things that bring happiness to you.  Obviously, this is the main reason for me watching this but, Marie means business and I realized this right away.  Both mom and dad had to recognize what they had to give away and keep right away.

I also enjoyed the camerawork and the editing.  It was a joy to watch.  I thought that maybe writing about this was too family but, I really do love home and garden. 

The parents were then tasked with seperate jobs with which they could both organize on their own.  I appreciate Marie’s interpersonal approach along with her translator.  You may feel that the translator was inpersonal but, the warmth of Marie’s tone and the translator’s clear yet, simple language were comforting.  The duo created a harmony that the family and the viewer can easily relate to.

I am feeling warm about this California couple (OK seems like but not entirely sure).  They have a beautiful family and I am glad that they were able to simplify their life and focus more on their family unit.

Joy Clark is a writer, producer, and publisher. Lexington, KY

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