This is just some random stuff, from my memories

  • For Hours

    By Joy Lynn Clark November 12, 2021 I made “four hours” just before I left Chicago. I got pretty sick when I made “lie cheat and steal”. Everything was noisy around me and…

  • Bottled Up Inside

    By Joy Lynn Clark November 11, 2021 I made this track a few years ago. I recorded it at Don Medina’s studio. Special acknowledgment to the Weeknd

  • Carter and Roosevelt: I’ll Bite

    12/5/2014 Chosen / Born by Dazee Dizzle Dots In The Matrix by Dazee Dizzle No Question by Dazee Dizzle Stasis Frustration by Dazee Dizzle Back in the early 2000’s it seemed like everyone…

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