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    By Joy Lynn Clark 2/11/2021 When I was in college I started getting curious about fetishes. I watched the media, listened to the music, and viewed the films-all highlighting fetishes. I was intrigued…

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    Breaking My Heart

    By Joy Lynn Clark 8/20/2020 Several years ago I went to lunch with a few friends. It was nice catching up with them. I shot the shit with them and let them all…

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    No Preference

    4/8/2020 By Joy Lynn Clark I have been on dating sites for as long as there has been dating sites. I meet different folks and sometimes I find a lover and take my…

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    What a Stupid Reason!

    To top it off, my ex being a big sports fan, had me in every bar for every game. He even found a bar with gluten-free buffalo wings and another with burgers that…

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    Bisexual Threesome (MMF)

    So, I was looking at one of my favorite porn sites when I decided to check out bisexual threesomes.  Most were pretty good. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by some some of the bi…

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