These are the posts from 2016.

  • 2016

    The Recession

    Drought 1 by Friday Knight The Recession   10/8/2016   When I was finished with school, I had some big dreams.  The funny part was, I was seeing them right before my eyes…

  • 2016


    10/15/2016 I always wanted a dreamcatcher.  I say I am gonna make one and never do.  Then I did, here it is.  Dreamcatcher, marker

  • 2016

    Skate Parks

      When the city began upgrading the parks (ok, it’s like an ongoing process) I noticed that the city added a few skate parks.  The first one I noticed was on 31st Beach…

  • 2016,  Music

    Head Game

    08/21/2016 The Solution by Dazee Dizzle One thing that I learned at my last visit to the doc is that you can get a bacterial infection in the back of your throat.  I…

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