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    More About Doing Too Much: 2015 Year In Review

    Months back I began to notice some of the most all inclusive dishes ever.  A hamburger with a hotdog and chips all under one bun, a fried chicken cake with mashed potato frosting, drizzled with gravy, and a cornbread center.  I thought, genius.  I have to compile a list. All year I found dishes.  A pizza with a hotdog crust, and a beef sandwich topped with cole slaw and fries.  I am starting to think, I need everything NOW. My son went into Gamestop to trade a game.  They needed my driver’s license number.  I was like damn, do I have to be a part of this transaction?  Yes, America…

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    Wild Onions

      All of my life I knew Illinois meant wild onion.  I always marked the moment by when we would smell the wild onions on the southside.  We would take the Bishop Ford and smell them somewhere near the landfills.   I don’t smell those wild onions anymore.   People now say Illinois means wild leek.   I have never seen wild leeks, though.   Anyhow, my son and I recently took a camping trip in Michigan on the other side of the lake.  My son found tons of wild onions.  We also found raspberries, mushrooms, garlic, milkweed, and nettles.  My son swears he is a hunter.  I was like,…

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    Chiraq – For What It’s Worth

    By Joy Lynn Clark 7/28/2015 I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was riding the orange line and holding on when I saw the ink: Chiraq.  Tattooed on the forearm of the guy holding on next to me.  I thought to myself, “damn” and I begin to reminisce. The year was 1989 and I remember when my teacher stopped everything in the middle of class and told us that we are at war with Iraq after about 20 years of peace.  My teacher asked us what we thought.  I had no idea and spaced out and watched the landscaper cut the grass outside of the window.  I couldn’t read…

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    Found: The Paw Paw Tree

    Found: The Paw Paw Tree I recommend that you read my last post titled “Wild Onions” if you haven’t already. I have done my family tree many times but, the last time I did it, Paw Paw came up.  I made it my personal mission to find out what a Paw Paw is.  It is a tree that is indigenous to the area where my people are from. I began talking with a  Mama at Manistee and she told me she saw one in Paw Paw.  I said, I have to make it my personal mission to find the Paw Paw Tree.  Who goes to Paw Paw and doesn’t even…

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