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    2/7/2016 Chicago, IL My son and I decided to visit Water Tower Place on North Michigan Avenue.  I have to admit, I have been to this shopping center a thousand times and I even worked here as a retail salesperson when I was much younger. When I was in high school I would meet my ETHS friends here. It was nice and central for all of our suburban travelling. I thought the entrance was so grand.  We would meet in the entryway and ascend the escalators to where we could run around and be proper mallrats. Even the escalator was jam packed with people.  We would ride chat it up…

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    Chicago Civic at Benito Juarez Academy

    At the start, the Director or Principal Of Juarez delivers the welcome in both English and Spanish. The Juarez Community Academy Advanced Band starts with, “Cancion de Navidad”. I quickly forgot that I am watching students.

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    So Cold, like Bee Sting and Your Fiancee’ is Latin

        1/6/2017   I knew I wanted to say, “whatever” so many times.  It started with the presidential election.  Donald Trump was elected and it was clear that he had won the electoral college but not the popular vote.   People are angry.  I know because the very next day a white guy was beaten in my city for being a Trump supporter.  I was like, “Really?”.  So I looked into the electoral college.   The number of electoral votes is the number of representatives plus 2 senators that your state has in Congress.  It’s all above board.  You might want to take those elections for Senators and Representatives…

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    Boy to Man

      Boy to man You’ve got to stand And get your homework done Sacrifice and you’ll be surprised The sun shines on you son Boy to man You must take control And never let go You must own your soul Understand And don’t you stand Over nothing that you don’t own make a good plan sometimes you gotta work alone for the truth to be known show your skills share with the world if the world shares with you and fuck them if they don’t but don’t fuck them and leave them if they won’t cause you run this and handle your gun with righteousness and most of the world…

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